Michelle Rodenburg is a teacher in Colorado where she lives with
her family. She enjoys outdoor activities and spending time writing.
She wants to spread her love of reading and writing to all children.
Writing is a release of creativity that we all have inside of us. It is just
waiting for a pencil and blank piece of paper to be released into the world.
Michelle holds a Master's in Curriculum and Instructional Design from
Colorado Christian University.


Debbie Miller is a choral director in Colorado. She has taught music
of all kinds, including piano and guitar, and has directed over thirty
high school musical productions. She enjoys playing piano and
mandolin. Her wonderful husband, three boys, two shiatsus and
her rescued Shelty, Katy, keep her busy when she is not teaching.
She hopes these songs will help young people enjoy singing and
remind them to care for the many homeless animals.


Eric Fronapfel was born and raised in Colorado. He is one of 10
children, and following 4 siblings and his father, attended Colorado
State University receiving a BA in Art Education. He continues to
live in Ft. Collins with his own family of 3 wonderful boys and a
loving wife, who supports him every day. Eric loves creating artwork
for youth and has always dreamt of illustrating children's books.


Amy Fitzgerald was born and raised in Colorado. She is a
college student attending Kansas State University and is
working towards an Art Education Degree. Her goal is to make
her drawings simplistic in form and line, but detailed in expression
and implied circumstance. The Good Germ is the second book
has illustrated. While Amy enjoys both peanut butter and jelly on bread,
she does not like the taste together - so her PB&J sandwiches are jelly-less.