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Tuppy the Turtle Puppy is a story about a Maryland Terrapin who loses his way, with the help of a seagull, and lands in a quaint cove. He is found by a nice couple who lives in the cove and is nursed back to health. This is a "factional" story as it is based on a a true story. Tuppy the Turtle Puppy is a beautifully illustrated picture book brought to life by Amy Fitzgerald, a Colorado illustrator, who is attending Kansas State University. Included in the book are comprehension strategies that teachers and parents alike can use to help their children love to read. The strategies include prediction, questioning, inferring, clarifying, schema, and summarizing, all of which are part of the National Standards children are expected to learn in school.

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Teaching children to read is more than just being able to decode words. It is about them learning to understand, relate to and enjoy the book they are reading. It is about sharing their thoughts while they read and thinking about the book after they put it down. The following links provide some ideas you can use with children as you read the book together or they read it with a friend or alone. These ideas can also be used in guided reading as guided practice or as independent work in the classroom.

Ideas to use with Guided Practice

Ideas to use for Independent Practice

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